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Supporting turf race tracks

Doomben Racetrack

When it comes to controlling weeds, pests and diseases on turf race tracks having the right information reduces the risks and improves performance.

Modern day racetrack management is complicated – you have all the issues with maintaining an A-grade turf surface along with the increased pressures of having very expensive and highly regarded thoroughbred race horses to consider.  This increased complexity creates a heightened need for track managers to ensure that the agronomic programs employed at the track, not only deliver a top quality turf surface but also considers the risks for the track users on training and race days.

The application of products to control turf pests such as scarab larvae, mites or even nematodes, or fungicides to reduce turf diseases such as Helmo and Brown Patch needs to be done in the best possible manner. In order to assist with this Syngenta have developed a useful App for Smartphones and tablets.  The GreenCast Turf App assists the track manager by providing access to all the critical information you require to make an application to the track ensuring a successful result every time you use Syngenta products.

The GreenCast Turf App provides easy access to the latest SDS and Labels and calculates the correct water rates to be used for the area being sprayed including recommended nozzle selection. The App will assist you in all your tank filling procedures and calculations. The App then allows you store this information for use over and over again simplifying the process and will produce a spray report that collates all the information in a PDF that you can then keep on file to assist you in complying with your legal responsibilities in regards to chemical applications.

The good news is that the App is free to download in Australia and New Zealand and is available on both iOS and Android platforms

At Syngenta our ambition is to provide the very best technology and to assist Track Managers to provide the best possible turf surface and to ensure that the technical information required is easily accessible. 

Syngenta produces a range of high quality products for the turf industry and have a number of products that have a good fit for race tracks. Insect pests such as scarab beetle larvae are effectively controlled by ACELEPRYN Insecticide. AGADOR followed by HIGRAN provides a robust solution to notoriously difficult mites. In addition to the insecticides there is also CASPER Turf Herbicide which controls white clover and a wide range of broadleaf weeds. If your track is ever under threat of foliar and crown diseases you can trust DACONIL WEATHER STIK or INSTRATA Turf Fungicides to stick and stay on leaf surfaces and provide effective stopping power for any new infections. Finally, PRIMO MAXX is the trusted growth regulator that pre-conditions turf for stress and improves root density and turf quality. Check out the Race Track Range Brochure.