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ACELEPRYN® – long lasting control you can rely on


Since its introduction to the Australian turfgrass market over a decade ago, the name ACELEPRYN® has become known for its exceptional performance in managing a wide range of devastating turf pests in a wide range of turf situations. ACELEPRYN® Turf Insecticide set the mark for season long control and ease of application along with exceptional user and environmental safety, standards which have not changed and are still relied on.

Industry Leading HSE and Environmental Profile

Chemistry reviews show that chlorantraniliprole (the active in ACELEPRYN®) remains the industry leader in mammalian toxicity, safety to bees and effective soil longevity. When choosing your turf insect control you can be rest assured that ACELEPRYN® remains the industry leader with all environmental and HSE risk assessments. Not only does ACELEPRYN® lead the market with LD50 values, its longevity of control, allows for one application per season to provide exceptional control you have come to trust, with no need for a second seasonal application like other technologies registered for use in turfgrass.

Mammalian toxicity graph Acelepryn

Bee Toxicity Acelepryn


Longevity Comparison (half-life) and application rates

When the half-life of the two actives are compared, chlorantraniliprole lasts around 25% longer than tetraniliprole. Chlorantraniliprole can be applied at higher active ingredient loadings per hectare given its exceptional environmental and user safey. This combination of the longer half-life and the actual amount of active ingredient applied, allows for ACELEPRYN® to provide the highest level of insect control protection per season.

Only ACELEPRYN® allows for turf managers to time their applications to ensure they pick up early instar grub control while at the same time allowing for tank mixing with BARRICADE® to provide effective weed control delivering a one pass solution for grubs and weeds.  This combination of season long weed and grub control offers local government sports fields and their sporting communities every opportunity to increase the durability of their turf surfaces for the following season.  Golf course superintendents can get on with preparing quality surfaces without having to worry about losing turf to billbugs and other damaging turf insects.  Only ACELEPRYN® offers this single application for season long control.


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Tetrino® is a registered trademark of the Bayer Group
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TN 21-370