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Interactive Turf Disease Fungicide Guide

Syngenta Turf Fungicide Guide

At the recent Australian Sports Turf Management Conference, delegates got the opportunity to interact on the Syngenta stand with the new fungicide guide. This tool was designed to help turf managers navigate the comprehensive range of Syngenta fungicides. The table outlines which product is recommended as the first choice for a particular disease as well as what the ideal rotation partner would be. It is also an easy reference to see which other products in the range could be useful for the particular disease.

Mike De Luca, Technical Manager, Syngenta Professional Solutions explained, “we approached this by looking at the common turf diseases and which of our products controlled these diseases. We then looked at activity groups of the fungicides as well as the efficacy data for each disease and in so doing, developed the decision tree matrix.”

The PDF tool that can be downloaded from the website also contains information on each of the main diseases including symptoms, conditions favouring the disease occurring and management tips. Additionally, by clicking on the products, you will be linked directly to the product information page on the website where you can access label and SDS documents as well as addition product features and benefits.