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Achieve true weevil control with SPINNER

Spinner damage Bentgrass

SPINNER Insecticide

Argentine Stem Weevil (ASW) can destroy Bentgrass putting surfaces quickly. In most instances, ASW will have 3-4 life cycles each summer so it is imperative to treat different life cycle stages (both adults and larvae) throughout the summer period.

For complete life cycle management of ASW, SPINNER is an essential part of your program.

One challenge turf managers must deal with in the summer months is the Argentine Stem Weevil: a destructive pest that leaves greens damaged and compromised.

An effective solution to eradicate these pests at the larval stage is SPINNER: a specialist larvicide that combines two highly systemic chemistries for the rapid control of insect larvae in golf greens.

SPINNER is a preventative or early curative solution for not only Argentine Stem Weevil larvae, but also the African Black Beetle, Argentinian Scarab and Billbug larvae. It can also provide rapid control of caterpillars when they are present.

The larvacide moves systemically up into the plant’s stems to control the early instar larvae, and into the soil to deal with later instars. It can be applied at multiple times throughout the spring and summer period to coincide with the generational activity of young larvae.

Spinner - Two actives graphic


  • a combination insecticide that rapidly controls the larvae of beetles, weevils and Lepidoptera species
  • a highly effective solution for the management of Argentine Stem Weevil in bent/poa golf greens
  • an option that is equally as effective as a preventative or early curative treatment
  • an excellent complementary product with ACELEPRYN for season long control of insect pest larvae on all your turf surfaces

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