NEW Syngenta Turf App

NEW Syngenta Turf App
NEW Syngenta Turf App

Integrated with the Syngenta Turf website, this new app provides instant on-line application tools and calculators to enable quick and accurate sprayer set-up and calibration to get the best possible results from every application.

The new and improved design also comes with:

  • Easy access to Syngenta Label and SDS information
  • Tank mix calculations with saved areas, sprayers and operators
  • Diseases, pests and weed information
  • Application records and reports

Learn more about the features here

Download the new app from the App Store or Google Play.

PLEASE NOTE: the previous Greencast Turf App is no longer be supported. If you have the old app, please continue reading to learn more about switching to the new app. 

How do I login to the new app?

The new app syncs with the Syngenta Turf & Landscape website, which means you only need to remember one password! 

  • If you have previously signed up to our website – probably to use the Turf Tools or as a Turf Rewards member – then you should be able to use the same login as you do on the website on the new app. If you’ve forgotten your password you can easily reset it on the app, the website, or contact us for help.
  • If you have never signed up to our website, then it would be best to create a new account. You can then use the login you create across both the app and the website. 

Do you have the old Greencast Turf App? 

Below are a few frequently asked questions when switching to the new app: 

Why doesn’t my old app login work?  
If you have a login for the old app, then unfortunately that login not work on the new app. It's a completely different system, so you will need to create a new account (or will need to use your login for the Syngenta Turf website, see above). However we should have your spray records on file, please get in contact with us before upgrading your app to double check.

How to I access the spray records that I have stored on the old app?  
If you have an account on the previous app, then your spray records have been backed-up. All you need to do is send us an email with your details.

Can I just keep using the old app instead?  
Syngenta will no longer be supporting the old Greencast Turf App. Over time you will find that it will get harder to use and will no longer back-up or work well with newer phones. We highly recommend that you upgrade to the new app for continued functionality. 

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