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Turf XC Nozzles

Sprayer Set-up Calculators

Use these GreenCast sprayer calculators to help set up your sprayer and for everyday help with accurate application. You can also download the GreenCast Turf App to have access to the calculators while you're on the move.

Spray Volume (L/ha) = application rate of tank mix.
Nozzle Spacing (m) = the width of the spray resulting from the nozzle output. 
Speed (km/h) = actual ground speed of the sprayer used to apply.
Nozzle Output (L/min) = total spray output
Spray Tank Capacity (L) = total capacity of the sprayer tank.
Sprayed Area/Tank Load (ha) = the total area that can be sprayed with one full sprayer tank.
Chemical Application Rate (L/ha) = recommended product rate. Please consult product label directions.
Chemical Volume per Tank Load (L) = the amount of product or chemical to be added to the sprayer tank.