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Seasonal Topics

Seasonal Topics Hero

At different times of year you will face different issues and challenges in the management of turf. In this section of the greencast website, we will aim to keep things topical. If you have any questions or suggestions for content, please feel free to contact us - [email protected]


Mite affected kikuyu turfgrass vs healthy kikuyu turfgrass

Managing Turfgrass Mites

Mites that feed on plants are increasingly prevalent in turfgrass

Healthy greens

Summer Turf Solutions

Setting your greens up for the peak golf season is a key priority at this time of year...

Stem Weevil

Argentine Stem Weevil

Treating stem weevil - some tips

Couch Mite Damage

Couch Mite Control

Couchgrass Mite is a notoriously hard to control insect pest.

Greens Avondale

True systemic Stem Weevil control

SPINNER - essential for successful ASW larvae control

Velista hero teaser

Velista continues to deliver

Powerful broad spectrum rotational partner

Barricade Acelepryn season long

Season Long Grub and Weed Control

Apply BARRICADE and ACELEPRYN in early Spring for season long control

Weed Control - golf

Total Weed Control

Powerful herbicides deliver pre- and post-emergent control of grasses and broadleaf...

TRUSTED - Barricade


Binds high up in the soil profile

PROVEN - Barricade


Lasts up to 6 months, break the Poa cycle

FLEXIBLE - Barricade


Broad use and control

EASY - Barricade


Exempt from poison scheduling