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Explosive contact activity. Formulated for performance.


When weather conditions are conducive to disease, outbreaks can occur on your turf with alarming speed.

Act fast to stop infection in its tracks with MEDALLION, a powerful fungicide with long-lasting performance and explosive contact activity.

Rapidly stops pathogens – fast, explosive knockdown means other turf management practices have an opportunity to take effect.
Formulated for performance – MEDALLION’s unique properties allow it to control disease in multiple places, not just on the leaf surface, but also in the thatch and beneath the soil surface to dramatically reduce disease pressure.
Protects your turf – MEDALLION quickly bonds to the waxy leaf layer of the plant to form a protective shield. It is rain-fast in one hour and won’t wash off in rainfall or irrigation.
Offers broad spectrum control – protect against a range of key turf diseases, including Anthracnose, Dollar Spot and Winter Fusarium.
Provides long-lasting results – by tackling disease at multiple points and bonding quickly to the leaf layer, MEDALLION offers longer residual activity.


Developed through extensive Research & Development by Syngenta’s scientists, MEDALLION is a contact fungicide that rapidly knocks down disease spores on the leaf, in the thatch and beneath the soil surface. The active ingredient is fludioxonil, a fungicide from the phenylopyrrole chemical class, and a naturally occurring substance derived from an antifungal compound of soil bacteria.

Fludioxonil targets spores and disrupts the osmoregulation process, which controls water movement in and out of the spore’s cells. This causes the spore to rapidly absorb water until it literally explodes, before any damage to the leaf occurs and the disease has had a chance to spread.

Contact activity on spores doesn’t just occur on the leaf, but also in the thatch and beneath the soil – maximising MEDALLION’s efficiency and reducing the reservoir of infection by tackling disease at multiple points.

How to use MEDALLION

MEDALLION’s liquid formulation makes it easier to handle and more flexible to mix.

Useability is enhanced in three areas:
Mixing – MEDALLION mixes fast and uniformly, eliminating worries over clogging tanks
Measuring – you can easily measure the exact amount needed each time
Storage – a heavy-duty plastic jug improves storage and handling

Apply when conditions are favourable for disease development. For high quality control, it’s best to use MEDALLION as part of a preventative disease control program. Rotate with multi-site products, such as DACONIL WEATHER STIK Turf Fungicide for disease resistance management.