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Product Product type Label AU Label NZ SDS AU SDS NZ
Acelepryn Insecticide
Acelepryn GR Insecticide
Agador Insecticide
Banner Fairway Fungicide
Banner Maxx Fungicide
Barricade Herbicide
Casper Herbicide
Daconil Weather Stik Fungicide
Headway Maxx Fungicide
Heritage Maxx Fungicide
Higran Insecticide
Instrata Fungicide
Medallion Fungicide
Meridian Insecticide
Monument Liquid Herbicide
Pennmag Herbicide
Posterity Fungicide
Primo 250 EC Growth Regulator
Primo Maxx Growth Regulator
Primo Maxx II Growth Regulator
Provaunt Insecticide
Qualibra Wetting Agent
Ryder Pigment
Spinner Insecticide
Subdue Maxx Fungicide
Tenacity Herbicide
Trimmit Growth Regulator
Velista Fungicide