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Authorisation Number: 
AU - 105118
Pack size: 
500 g
Chemical Family:
Activity Group: 
Group 7 Fungicide
WG (water dispersible granule)
New Zealand

For control of various diseases in turf.

VELISTA is a broad spectrum fungicide recommended for the control of many important diseases of turfgrass. For best results apply preventatively when conditions favour disease development. Higher doses can be used for curative control. 


Precautionary Statements

  • This product is a registered agricultural chemical and must, therefore, be used in accordance with the container label directions.
  • Each user should read this SDS and consider the information in the context of how the product will be handled and used in the workplace including in conjunction with other products.
  • FIRST AID: If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. Phone 131 126.
Personal Protective Equipment
  • Will irritate the eyes. Avoid contact with eyes. When opening the container, mixing and loading and preparing spray, wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist and a washable hat (or equivalent clothing) and goggles. Wash hands after use. If product in eyes, wash immediately with water.

Tank mixing

Mixing Order: The mixing sequence recommended is water soluble bags, VELISTA, other dry flowable or water dispersible granules, wettable powders, water based suspension concentrates, water soluble concentrates, oil based suspension concentrates, emulsifiable concentrates, adjuvants, surfactants, oils soluble fertilisers, drift retardants.

Tank mix preparation

DO NOT pour VELISTA into an empty tank
Fill spray tank ¼ to ½ full of water. Add VELISTA to the spray tank and disperse thoroughly using mechanical or hydraulic agitation. Continue agitation while topping up to the correct volume with water. Maintain constant agitation while mixing and applying the product. DO NOT store the diluted solution. If the solution sits in the tank for a period of hours, agitate vigorously prior to application.

Mixing and spraying

Apply using well maintained and accurately calibrated spray equipment. Maintain constant agitation while applying the product. Apply evenly and in sufficient water, to ensure thorough coverage and uniform disease control. Apply after mowing or allow treated area to dry before mowing.

Water volume

Foliar and Crown Diseases (Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Red Thread, Helminthosporium Diseases, Leaf Spots): Apply in a minimum of 400 L water/ha using air induction 04 nozzles and allow the treated area to dry before irrigation.

Root Infecting Diseases (Brown Patch, Spring Dead Spot): Apply in a minimum of 750 L water/ha using air induction 08 nozzles and irrigate within 1 hour of application to wash the VELISTA into the upper root zone.

Fairy Ring (basidiomycetes fungi): Apply in approximately 1000 L water/ha using air induction 08 nozzles and irrigate within 1 hour of application to wash the VELISTA into the upper root zone. Irrigate with 6-10 mm of water.

  • In a transport emergency dial 000, Police or Fire Brigade.
    For specialist advice in an emergency only, call 1800 033 111 (24 hours).

  • VELISTA is a powerful broad spectrum fungicide that can be used all year round. VELISTA can be trusted to keep your turf in excellent condition especially when high temperatures and high humidity hit your facility.


    • A broad spectrum Group 7 fungicide with no cross resistance
    • VELISTA does not exhibit any growth retardant properties to turf grass and has shown no phytotoxicity in Australian and USA trials.
    • VELISTA is rainfast once the leaf surface has dried.


    • Excellent rotational partner to help minimise any resistance risks and therefore extend the usable life of many existing and future chemistries
    • VELISTA’s local movement within the plant means it will not move into the leaf from the roots offering greater protection and longevity to control turf grass root diseases.