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GreenCast Pro Weather

Weather influences every action for turf management. An accurate picture of what’s happening now, and what is coming in the future, is invaluable for all decision making. In addition to the acclaimed accuracy of our Premium Weather Forecast tool, the NEW GreenCast Pro Weather gives you a crucial insight into the key weather features that impact directly on how you manage turf.

With more information and greater detail, GreenCast Pro Weather makes it easy to interpret and see what’s happening, with series of maps showing your local situation. You can now access the following additional features to aid management decisions:

  • Soil temperature – See the potential for turf growth and recovery
  • Wind speed and direction – Plan all your treatment scheduling for accurate application
  • Weather risk – Advance warning of severe or potentially damaging weather events
  • Humidity – Essential for turf disease risk assessment and preventative action
  • Soil moisture map – Vital guide for irrigation scheduling and moisture management
  • Evapotranspiration – Prevent stressful plant wilt and use available water more efficiently
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