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Greencast Services

Greencast Services provide helpful tools to aid professional turf management. 

For several of these services you will need to register with the Syngenta Turf & Landscape website to gain full access. To register, click here. If you are already a member of the site, please be sure to login to gain full access. 

Premium Weather Forecast

Premium Weather Forecast

Comprehensive turf-specific weather forecasting and diagnostic tool.

Historical Weather Information

Historical Weather Information

Invaluable data source to visualise past weather patterns impacting your specific turf...

Growing Degree Days

Growing Degree Days Calculator

Tailored to your location, this weather-based tool helps to predict plant growth and...

Growing Degree Days Threshold Alerts

GDD Threshold Alerts

Set notifications for when your location’s Growing Degree thresholds are reached...

Turf Rewards - Teaser

Turf Rewards

Earn points towards industry rewards for purchases of Syngenta products

Sprayer Set-up Calculator

Spray Set-up Calculator

A quick and easy calculator to help you calibrate your sprayer

SpraySure Application

SpraySure Application

XC nozzle application tips to for accurate spray application.

Greencast Turf App

Greencast Turf App

Available for Android and iOS smartphones