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Authorisation Number: 
NZ - HSR002475
Pack size: 
1 L
Activity Group: 
Group F2 Herbicide
SC (suspension concentrate)
New Zealand

For the selective contact and residual control of weeds in turf.


TENACITY Herbicide can be used for pre- and post-emergence control of more than 30 broadleaf weed and grass species. TENACITY can also be used to prevent weeds from germinating in newly seeded or over-seeded turf giving the new grass a chance to flourish.

Precautionary Statements

  • This product is a registered agricultural chemical and must, therefore, be used in accordance with the container label directions.
  • Each user should read this SDS and consider the information in the context of how the product will be handled and used in the workplace including in conjunction with other products.
  • FIRST AID: If poisoning occurs, contact the National Poisons Centre. Phone 0800 POISON (0800 764 766) or a doctor immediately.
  • NEW ZEALAND: In a transport emergency dial 111, Police or Fire Brigade. For specialist advice in an emergency only, call 0800 734 607 (24 hours).