Syngenta Turf Innovation Centre (STIC)

Syngenta Turf Innovation Centre 2024: Highlighting Biodiversity and Sustainability in Urban Landscapes

In 2024, we are set to launch our Syngenta Turf Innovation Centre on the Gold Coast. This cutting-edge facility will serve as more than just a testing ground for the latest advancements in plant protection and biological treatments. It will also function as a hub for monitoring land biodiversity, utilizing a network of cameras and traps to assess the effectiveness of programs like Operation Pollinator. Additionally, the Innovation Centre will house its dedicated Operation Pollinator plot, strategically linked with others at Lakelands Golf Club, the home base of this ground breaking initiative.

Syngenta Turf and Landscape ANZ collaborates closely with horticulturalists and turf managers in urban areas. Operation Pollinator has its roots in our profound understanding of our customers' challenges and our commitment to assisting them on their sustainability journey, ensuring they can consistently provide safe and inspiring living, working, and recreational spaces. 

Watch this space to get the latest news on Syngenta Turf Innovation Centre!

1024x768 Team at Innovation Centre Site

Image 1: The Syngenta Turf & Landscape team inspecting the Turf Innovation Centre site on the Gold Coast, Australia.

1024x768px Innovation Centre Site

Image 2: STIC Site, Gold Coast, Australia.