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Monitoring Argentine Stem Weevil adult populations

You should start monitoring your turf canopy for Argentine Stem Weevil adults in late winter.

To find them in the fairway area using the soap flush technique, follow these steps:

ASW Soap Flush Step 1

Step 1

Combine lemon-scented dishwashing liquid with water at a ratio of approximately 2 tablespoons (30 mL) in 8 L of water. Shake to create a soapy solution.

ASW Soap Flush Step 2

Step 2

Pour 8-10 L of the soapy solution over approx 2 metres squared of turf.

ASW Soap Flush Step 3

Step 3

After 2-3 minutes, insects will start coming up out of the soil to the upper tips of the foliage. The soap won’t kill them, but irritates them enough to bring them to the surface.

ASW Soap Flush Step 4

Step 4

We recommend that you conduct a flush at least once a week during Spring. The best time to achieve quick results from a flush is during the warmest, sunniest part of the day.

Proper identification of Argentine Stem Weevil adults is crucial. Look for:

  • A distinctive protruding snout
  • Dark grey to black, with mottled grey body markings
  • Small size, up to 3mm in length

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