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Season long weed and grub control

Barricade Acelepryn season long


Early spring is the time for your preventative weed and pest control applications for the coming seasons. Save time now by combining two trusted unscheduled products BARRICADE for pre-emergent weeds control and ACELEPRYN for preventative grub control. Creating the perfect environment for your customers as they enjoy the summer with less interruption.



Timing of pre-emergent controls is critical and soil temperature monitoring should occur regularly at this time of year. When the soil temperature reaches 15°C combined with sufficient light, soil moisture and nutrition, summer weeds will be germinating.  Be prepared to apply your first pre-emergent at the first signs of soil temperature moving towards 15°C. Many pest insects start to develop with the warming spring soil temperatures around the same time as weeds start to emerge. Pest application is required early before populations build and significant damage becomes apparent.

Tank mixing of ACELEPRYN and BARRICADE means one application, saving time, money and irrigation. This tank mix will provide season long control of annual grass weeds and grubs. Importantly these controls are both exempt from poison scheduling which reduces worker risk and disruption to the end-users.



  • Monitor soil temperatures
  • Start early - apply products prior to the emergence of weeds and signs of grub damage
  • Tank mix ACELEPRYN and BARRICADE for season long control
  • ACELEPRYN and BARRICADE are both exempt from poison scheduling


BARRICADE is a pre-emergent herbicide that can reliably deliver 6 months residual control and can therefore be applied well in advance of weed germination windows for season long control. BARRICADE controls a range of grass weeds including African Lovegrass, Crab Grass, Crowsfoot Grass, Parramatta Grass and Summer Grass in a single application per season. BARRICADE sits high in the soil profile ensuring turf roots below the barrier are perfectly safe. Total application volumes as well and washing in post-application are critical in achieving correct product placement.

ACELEPRYN is the only turf product to feature the unscheduled highly effective Chlorantraniliprole. It controls a wide range of turf pests such as African Black Beetle, Billbugs, Cutworm, Armyworm and Sod Webworm with a single application. ACELEPRYN can deliver up to 6 months residual protection if using the higher application rate early in the season (September). If grubs become a problem later in the season ACELEPRYN can deliver superb curative control with only the lower rate needed.