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Summer Turf Solutions

Healthy greens

Pre-conditioning for summer stress

Setting your greens up for the peak golf season is a key priority at this time of year and we understand the extreme pressure you will face to maintain peak playing surfaces this summer.
Below are some options to help you deliver resilient turf ready for the stresses of summer.

Healthy greens from top to bottom

  • Build and maintain the integrity of putting surfaces with PRIMO MAXX
  • Underpin your pythium program with SUBDUE MAXX in spring and minimise the impact in summer.
  • Entrust the prevention of crown and foliar diseases to the long lasting triple action of INSTRATA and the proven track record of HEADWAY MAXX, HERITAGE MAXX, BANNER MAXX AND DACONIL WEATHER STIK.
  • VELISTA, with its novel mode of action is a powerful rotational partner that can be used all year round for broadspectrum control.
  • Bump up your protection with MEDALLION for contact action with a difference.
Primo Maxx logo (550x403px)
Growth Regulator

Primo Maxx

pre-conditions turf for stress and optimises surface quality and colour.

Subdue Maxx Logo (550x403px)

Subdue Maxx

is the pythium specialist providing effective control of pythium in greens.

Headway Maxx Logo (550x403px)

Headway Maxx

for fast stopping power and long lasting control of a broad range of turf diseases....

Heritage Maxx Logo (550x403px)

Heritage Maxx

is the trusted foundation to your greens program.

Instrata Logo (550x403px)


is the triple action, versatile all rounds for all seasons.

Daconil Weather Stik Logo (550x403px)

Daconil Weather Stik

is an excellent choice as the basis of a preventative program.

Medallion Logo (550x403px)


goes beyond the leaf surface with exceptional spore busting capabilities.

Velista fungicide logo


is the powerful rotational partner especially when high temperatures hit your facility...