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New growth regulator TRIMMIT improves hedge management

Trimmit Hedges Hero Shot

TRIMMIT, Syngenta’s new growth regulator, improves the appearance of hedges while cutting down labour costs – helping you keep your plants in shape for less.

Recent trials demonstrated a single application of TRIMMIT reduces hedge regrowth by up to 90% leaving you with hedges that require less maintenance.

This is due to the regulator’s innovative mode of action: an early gibberellic acid inhibitor which supresses the growth of terminal shoots for up to 12 months, while encouraging the plant’s axillary buds to grow.

The result is not only denser, greener hedges that remain beautifully uniform for longer, but also healthier plants that can better withstand drought and other high-stress conditions.

Dr Sheldon Navie, Vegetation Manager at IVM Group, tested TRIMMIT and says the difference is clear.

“I have taken a vast number of measurements on plants treated with TRIMMIT, so I have an intimate knowledge of just how effective this product can be at reducing the growth of hedging species,” says Dr Navie.

“The difference was so obvious at one of the trial sites that the head gardener asked where he could get some.”

Using TRIMMIT as part of your vegetation management strategy has another crucial benefit: by reducing the need to prune, it delivers significant savings in labour, clipping disposal, noise invasion and risk management issues.

“Many of our clients trim large numbers of hedges along busy roads. Working in these areas comes with an inherent level of risk and usually also requires lane closures, traffic control and/or night works – all of which add to the cost of undertaking these activities,” says Dr Navie.

“TRIMMIT has the potential to significantly reduce the frequency of required hedging in these areas, reducing the cost of managing the vegetation, the time spent by workers in these higher risk environments, and the impact on road users.”

“An application of TRIMMIT for the hedges and BARRICADE herbicide for the weeds – at the same time – should mean that vegetation management workers do not need to return to these areas for extended periods.”