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Meet the Turfectionists™

Meet the Turfectionists

What is a 'Turfectionist'™? 

Syngenta defines a Turfectionist™ as a professional turf manager who is in pursuit of perfection in their turf.

And we're aiming to highlight a few of those inspiring turf professionals who are excelling in roles, and learn more about the projects that they are passionate about. 

To start the series, we're interviewing a few ASTMA Claude Crockford Sustainability & Environmental Award winners. This award recognises golf course superintendents for their commitment to sustainable land management, long-term environmental planning, community involvement and overall environmental stewardship of their golf course. Syngenta have sponsored the award for many years, and are delighted to be able to put the spotlight back onto past winners, and take a look at the projects that they won the award for, as well as find out what they are up to these days at their club. 

Where we go after that? Who knows! Turfection is not only for award winners, so we will be extending our net wider to learn more about perfection in turf. 

Meet the Turfectionists™: