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The simple maths of sportsfield pest and weed management

Kid on sportsfield

Most turf managers know that once weeds and pests infest your sportsfields, it takes a large amount of output to fix the problems they cause.

Beetle scarab larvae, Billbug larave, Armyworm and tough weeds like Crowsfoot, Poa annua, Parramatta grass are difficult to eradicate once they start destroying your turf and competing against it. Getting rid of them can be a labour-intensive process that impacts the budget, if you add up multiple applications of post-control sprays, PPE requirements and hazard reduction measures. The cost of doing nothing and risking the durability of valuable fields, though, is worse. Scarab larvae decimate root systems in just a short space of time, while weeds aggressively compete with plants for nutrients and space while reducing pliability and cause trip hazards for players.

So, what’s a better approach? The maths is simple. Apply one treatment that controls infestations before they begin, rather than multiple post-emergent applications. A preventative strategy that controls pests and weeds early not only keeps your sportsfield in top condition, but saves you time and money in the long-run.

This approach is successfully achieved with two products that set the standard for long-lasting control: BARRICADE Herbicide and ACELEPRYN Turf Insecticide.

By applying these preventative controls early in spring, you can create real efficiencies in your pest and weed management strategy – plus ensure your fields stay in top nick for the busy summer season.

Beetle grub destroying grass roots

Apply once for season long pest control with ACELEPRYN

Known for its excellent residual performance, ACELEPRYN Turf Insecticide delivers up to 6 months’ protection against a wide range of insect pests, including scarab larvae such as African Black Beetle and Argentinian Scarab plus control of Billbug larave, Cutworm, Sod Webworm and Armyworm.

Apply it early – at the first appearance of overwintering adult pests – rather than waiting for infestations to hit peak levels when damage is observed, and then relying on curative pest control solutions requiring multiple applications to last the season.

To create further flexibility, ACELEPRYN is now available in a granule formulation which delivers the same long-lasting performance, but with the convenience of a no-spray option. ACELEPRYN GR is ideal for areas that are dominated by obstacles, hard to access, or where spray equipment creates perception issues with the general public. It is also exempt from poison scheduling, which reduces the need for PPE for operators and re-entry periods for the public.

Crows Foot Grassy Weed in Turf

Economic season long control of weeds with BARRICADE

Preventative weed control is important, as once they are established they are difficult to remove. This can lead to repeat application of post emergent control options to reduce weed population and gain ongoing control.

A better approach is to apply BARRICADE: a pre-emergent that delivers season long control of difficult to control grassy weeds such as African Lovegrass, Parramatta Grass, Summer Grass, Crab Grass, Crowsfoot Grass and Poa annua. When applied to sportsfields BARRICADE creates savings by reducing your need to re-apply products to ensure weeds do not compete against your turf, thereby reducing the turf’s strength and resilience to usage.

A simple preventative strategy, using proven products that deliver season-long protection, is ultimately the best use of your resources. You can avoid the cost and time commitment of repeated post emergent and curative treatments, while creating stronger and more efficient turf surfaces that can handle increased usage. Good maths indeed!

For more information on how ACELEPRYN, ACELEPRYN GR and BARRICADE can help your sportsfields, call 1800 022 035 or contact your local Syngenta agent.