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The defences are prepared...

Your Greens Need You

Turf Defence Team, boots on the ground, camouflage gear, and a promise to protect, are all part of a daring new turf campaign created by Syngenta Professional Solutions.

“We wanted to highlight the constant need for defence against the elements,” said Turf & Landscape Business Manager, Paul Jackson. “We love the idea that you're always defending your turf and Syngenta’s role is to help turf managers and superintendents prepare, protect and perform.”

One of the highlights of the campaign is a video shot on location at Eastlake Golf Club in Sydney. A team of actors were enlisted to pull on the combat gear and pretend to be the turf team responding to an ‘emergency weed situation’.

“It was a lot of fun to make,” says Jackson. “We had golf buggies charging up the fairway at top speed, greenkeepers diving for cover from golf balls, and our superintendent commando-crawling across the green to pluck out a rogue weed.”

“Protecting your turf is a mission all turf professionals are dedicated to. This campaign was a chance to portray those professionals as the unsung heroes, doing their job from dawn until dusk with dedication and passion.”

Paul Jackson, Turf & Landscape Business Manager


Other elements of the campaign include a clever twist on a 1914 British enlistment poster: “Your Greens Need You!”

Your Greens Need You web banner

The innovative new campaign was devised by Sydney-based advertising and branding agency, Mighty. The agency came up with the concept after spending time visiting golf courses across NSW and interviewing numerous greens supervisors.

“We quickly discovered that these guys are more than passionate about protecting their turf, it’s an obsession. Every day they turn up to work they are having to fight to keep their greens in tip top condition. That’s how we came up with the idea for the defence theme, with the greenskeepers as khaki-clad soldiers and the supervisor like a commander. We had a lot of fun making it, and I think people in the industry will get a laugh out of it.”

Huw Morris, Creative Director, Mighty


Syngenta has also created a range of defence themed merchandise which will available during the campaign.

The Prepare, Protect, Perform campaign officially kicks off on June 25 at this year’s ATC conference.

There are many chances to catch up with the Syngenta team at the 2019 Asia Pacific Turfgrass Conference and Trade Exhibition. Be sure to join us at the Sports Turf Management Industry Awards Gala Dinner on Monday night. Our Development Manager - Gilly Brooks - will be discussing Building Capabilities and Staff Development at 9.50am on Wednesday 26th June. Technichal Manager Mike de Luca will be sharing his expertise on Growing Degree Days at 2pm on Wednesday 26th June. And Syngenta are also running a Spray Workshop at 8.30am on Thursday 27 June. Learn more by checking out the full conference program

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