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Protect Your Turf

Protect Your Turf - Prepare Protect Perform

Protecting your turf is a mission that all turf professionals are dedicated to.

We know every turf management team is dedicated to achieving the perfect turf, and at Syngenta so are we. Our new campaign ‘PROTECT YOUR TURF’ shines a light on the commitment and passion of golf course superintendents and turf management teams. 

This new campaign was a chance to portray those professionals as the unsung heroes, doing their job from dawn until dusk with dedication and passion. It's more than passionate about protecting their turf, it’s an obsession. Every day, when golf course managers turn up to work they are having to defend their greens to keep them in tip top condition.

At Syngenta, we aim to help you PREPARE PROTECT PERFORM for the perfect turf.

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