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BARRICADE Herbicide Label Extension

Barricade Landscape

Last year, the label for BARRICADE Herbicide was extended to cover a range of nursery weeds and is proving a very useful tool in nurseries and in landscape situations like garden beds (under mulch) and public open spaces.

BARRICADE Herbicide is an easy to use liquid pre-emergent herbicide that has a great fit in nurseries and landscape settings. It treats a broad range of grassy and broadleaf weeds and provides up to 4 months control in potted plants and 6 months in garden beds under mulch. It is a great option to use across a range of plants including species normally sensitive to spreadable granule formulations.

BARRICADE is a non-staining liquid which may be applied as a topical spray to foliage followed by irrigation to wash the product into the growing media, or where canopy density is high, as a soil-directed spray. As opposed to industry standards which are all spreadable granules, BARRICADE can be more accurately and easily applied by spraying.

The NDPSC (National Drugs and Poison Scheduling Committee) determined BARRICADE as exempt from scheduling which means it provides good worker safety during and following use.

It also has a good environmental profile when used as directed. Extensive testing has shown BARRICADE is safe to most landscape plant species when used as per label directions. 

Longevity is the highest in the industry – up to 4 months in potted plants and up to 6 months in garden beds under mulch.

BARRICADE is available in 5 L packs from Syngenta Agents. A smaller 1 L pack size is also available, exclusively from Fernland Agencies.


Michael Rose, Production Manager, Andreasens Green Qld

"When we first heard about Barricade, we were looking for an alternative to granular pre-emergent herbicides that we could safely use across our range - while being economical in both applied cost and application time.  After small scale trials we were encouraged by what we saw to start treating larger areas, and species we otherwise would have considered too sensitive for granular formulations.  We found we could get the job done quicker with more accuracy using a sprayable liquid formulation, and for the same money Barricade lasted longer.  The amount of hand-weeding we do has dramatically decreased, and I’m sure our staff are happy about that!”


Darcy Green, Production Manager, Logans Nursery

"We were involved in trials leading to the registration of Barricade in nurseries, so saw first-hand what Barricade could do early on.  What impressed me was the longevity, weed spectrum, ease and accuracy of application, and importantly crop safety.  Plants we never would have dreamed of applying a granular pre-emergent herbicide to because of burn potential, Barricade does with no ill-effect.  I feel we don’t waste as much product now than with other granulars, and my staff are better off in application because of the unscheduled nature of Barricade”.


Barricade Label Extension Nursery