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Syngenta joins the PLA

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Syngenta is proud to announce their sponsorship of Parks & Leisure Australia (PLA) for 2017.  Syngenta Business Manager – Turf and Landscape ANZ, Paul Jackson, explains why Syngenta have made this decision to partner with the PLA, “Syngenta regards the PLA as a professional organisation which is highly engaged in assisting its members to provide ever improving facilities for the community. The PLA’s objectives are closely aligned with Syngenta’s goals and ambitions in urban horticulture.  

“Syngenta is a leading research and development company that has been supplying solutions and services to the professional turf industry for many years in Australia. Recent developments in a number of our products means we are now better placed to offer solutions designed to ensure that communities can sustain and improve public amenities, such as sports fields, passive parks, national parks, golf courses, garden beds and landscapes, in a manner that is both economically and environmentally sustainable in regards to weed, pest and disease infestations,” Mr. Jackson continued.

Syngenta is a global company with its foundations in agriculture and a strong commitment to sustainability and biodiversity. They value the importance of protecting the viability of farming communities and feeding an ever-growing world population, and have initiated programs that make a real difference. The Good Growth Plan, for example, addresses the challenges of producing more from less, protecting the viability of farmland and promoting prosperous rural communities. Under the plan, Syngenta has made six specific, global commitments designed to increase crop productivity, improve land fertility, enhance biodiversity, empower smallholders, train farm workers and strive for fair labour conditions across the entire supply chain. 

Syngenta has also instigated Operation Pollinator, a global program designed to increase the population of bees and other pollinators throughout the world. Operation Pollinator is a project that has a great fit into urban communities and one they would like to work with the PLA to develop in the future.

Another important initiative commissioned by the organisation was the ‘The Global Economic Value of Increased Female Participation in Golf’ study, where Syngenta surveyed 14,000 people across North America, Europe and Asia. The goal was to ascertain how to increase the participation of women in golf, as this is a highly male-dominated sport. Whilst Syngenta is a somewhat upstream supplier to the golf industry, this project highlights the depth of their commitment to the viability of the industries in which they are involved.

Syngenta has partnered with the PLA to work more closely with local governments to provide improved access to the products and information that can help you manage weed and insect control more sustainably. The net benefit to the users and managers of open space is that the playing fields and passive areas are not only aesthetically pleasing encouraging greater use, but they can also can sustain greater numbers of people using the amenities encouraging communities to enjoy outdoor recreation.  

The focus on research and development in urban horticulture has enabled Syngenta to introduce insecticide and herbicide solutions, including BARRICADE Herbicide and ACELEPRYN Insecticide, which are exempt from poison scheduling. These new technologies are also designed for one application per season, allowing for easier use and less interventions, making these products a great fit for PLA members and the challenges they face with maintaining quality turf surfaces. An extension of the APVMA Label for BARRICADE Herbicide means it can be used in garden beds under mulch, providing up to six months pre-emergent weed control. ACELEPRYN Insecticide offers season long control of a number of insect pests, again in one application per season and exempt from poison scheduling. Furthermore, Syngenta has developed scientific programs that can reduce mowing, leading to further economic savings and improved safety for staff and community stakeholders. Importantly, this technology is complemented with technical expertise and programs that enable parks managers to make informed decisions for maintaining their open space.

Syngenta is well known in golf and the professional turf industry, not only for the research and development of quality products, but also as a leader in technical solutions, education and environmental management. Stewardship and correct use of their products is taken very seriously and this is achieved by working closely with customers to ensure the products improve facilities sustainably.

The Syngenta team look forward to meeting the PLA members at the upcoming conferences and will be happy to discuss any specific situations you may face and help develop responsible solutions for you and the communities who enjoy your parks, gardens and sporting facilities.

T&L Team 2017