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Season long pre-emergent weed and grub control

The timing of pre-emergent herbicides in early spring coincides with the application timing of preventative grub control. Save time by combining the power of BARRICADE Turf Herbicide against pre-emergent weeds with the long lasting grub control of ACELEPRYN Turf Insecticide. A tank mix of BARRICADE and ACELEPRYN applied in early to mid-September will deliver season long control of weeds and insects including Crab Grass, Crowsfoot Grass, Summer Grass, Winter Grass, African Black Beetle larvae, Billbug larvae and caterpillars.

BARRICADE is a pre-emergent Group D herbicide that can reliably deliver 6 months residual control and can therefore be applied well in advance of weed germination windows for season long control. BARRICADE controls many grassy weeds including African Lovegrass, Crab Grass, Crowsfoot Grass Parramatta Grass and Summer Grass in a single application per season. BARRICADE sits high in the soil profile ensuring turf roots below the barrier are perfectly safe. Total application volumes as well as washing in post-application are critical in achieving correct product placement.

ACELEPRYN is the first turf product featuring chlorantraniliprole and controls a wide range of turf pests such as African Black Beetle, Argentine Stem Weevil, Argentinian Scarab, Billbugs, Cutworm, Armyworm and Webworm with as little as a single application. ACELEPRYN can deliver up to 6 months residual protection if using the higher application rate early in the season (September). If Lepidoptera grubs become a problem later in the season ACELEPRYN can deliver superb curative control with only the lower rate needed.


ACELEPRYN, with its excellent residual, has helped reduce the number of sprays needed for insect control at Yarra Bend Golf Course.

“We are probably the busiest golf course in Melbourne so there is a very small window of opportunity to get our spraying done with the amount of numbers we push through. On greens we sprayed in early September and then we gave another hit in late December. We used the full rate on greens and all other areas were at the half rate. Control has been fantastic.”

Nathan McGrath Yarra Bend Golf Club, Course Superintendent

The superior residual control of BARRICADE at the Twin Waters Golf Club, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, has reduced the number of applications required throughout the year.

“BARRICADE saves us a lot of time over the year because we only need two applications at the two litre (per ha) rate. We seem to get total control at that rate and only have two applications instead of three or four with other products.”

Gary Topp Twin Waters Golf Club Course superintendent