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MONUMENT® controlling grassy weeds in grasses


Invasive weeds are a major contributor to the durability of sports fields. A significant amount of damage can occur to a sports field surface over the summer, as weeds “crowd out” the turf and limit its ability to recover and establish. Summer weed control is an important part of the program to deliver a surface that can cope with the rigours of winter sport, reduce mowing and provide an improved aesthetic.

Restrictions in recent times have meant that regular maintenance programmes on public open spaces and sporting fields have been less than usual. In addition, it is predicted that summer 2021/22 will be wetter and warmer than average and these conditions can contribute to a surge in sedge, grassy and broadleaf weeds in established and bare areas across sports fields.

Annual and perennial weeds are an ongoing challenge throughout the various seasons of the year. Bare areas on sports fields can be quickly colonised by grassy weeds such as Kikuyu and Bahia Grass. Drainage concerns can see sedge quickly emerge with shaded locations being prone to broadleaf weeds. Plus, the annual germination of Winter Grass and even unwanted Ryegrass clumps in autumn can lead to concerns in durability.

If you find yourself in this position with limited time and physical resources, solutions are at hand in a single or dual tank mix to keep your sports fields in strong condition year-round.

MONUMENT® LIQUID Turf Herbicide (trifloxysulfuron sodium) is the best sedge, broadleaf and grass control partner in Couch, Hybrid Couch, QLD Blue Couch, Durban and Zoysia with reliable and effective results. This proven herbicide remains a powerful first choice for many turf managers given its low use rates and broad range of application options including roadside embankments and median strips.

MONUMENT® LIQUID is a Group 2 Herbicide (formerly Group B) with excellent user safety characteristics and a unique systemic mode of action. This mode of action means that the herbicide is taken in by the leaves, shoots and roots before being translocated throughout the plant to the growth points for gradual and effective control of weeds. MONUMENT® offers great flexibility with minimal PPE required and re-entry period when product is dry. It is also rainfast 3 hours post application.

Given MONUMENT® LIQUID is systemic in nature it is important to apply the product whilst weeds are active. In general, this means soil temperatures should be 15°C and above. As soil temperatures rise, the activity of the herbicide increases,and complete plant death generally occurs 2 to 4 weeks after application, depending on the weed species, growing conditions. 

To move into the roots of weeds, sufficient soil moisture needs to be present but not in a saturated sense. Water pH also impacts performance, so it is important to mix the herbicide with water that is neutral and ensure that if any tank mix products are included that the pH is checked and an appropriate buffer is used to raise the pH to neutral status again. To ensure the best uptake into the weed, it is recommended that MONUMENT® LIQUID is tank mixed with a non-ionic surfactant. We recommend AGRAL® (600 g ai/L) at 0.42% v/v or 420 mL/100 L spray mix. Apply the mixed product at a water volume of between 400–800 L/ha with higher volumes recommended for higher cut turf above 15 mm.

Should you miss an application window for any reason, or have another weed emerge that may not be listed, MONUMENT® LIQUID provides you flexibility in tank mixing. For instance, MONUMENT® LIQUID can be mixed with CASPER® Turf Herbicide to control Khaki Weed and Wireweed. The flexibility of MONUMENT® LIQUID and tank mixing even extends to mixes with PRIMO® MAXX and PRIMO® 250EC for suppression and seedhead control of Bahia Grass in not just sports fields but also in median strips and roadside embankments.

MONUMENT® LIQUID is also an ideal tank mix partner with BARRICADE® for a single pass post and pre-emergent application. The flexibility of the tank mix options also flows onto wash in requirements. When tank mixed and applied you have up to 7 days to wash BARRICADE® in, allowing MONUMENT® LIQUID to stay on the leaf and do its job before wash-in is required. Applying this tank mix in early spring will provide control of sedge and broadleaf weeds which have emerged in winter, whilst also controlling populations of Crowsfoot, Summer Grass, Paspalum along with problematic clumping weeds such as Parramatta Grass and African Lovegrass. Keep this mix in mind again for autumn as it will control Winter Grass, Ryegrass and provide suppression of Kikuyu through winter.

For the most efficient use of the Syngenta herbicides a programmed approach will offer increased results with less applications, saving time and money. A programmed approach will also allow for improved efficacy as smaller weeds are more easily controlled than larger ones, not just leading to improved outcomes for your facility but improved durability when in regular use. Managing sports fields over the growing period is critical to improving the durability for the next season.

MONUMENT® LIQUID Turf Herbicide is available in convenient pack sizes of 100 mL and 1 L.

For further information visit or your local distribution partner.

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