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BARRICADE saving multiple applications at Twin Waters

Gary Topp Twin Waters

The superior residual control of BARRICADE Turf Herbicide at the Twin Waters Golf Club, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, has reduced the number of applications required throughout the year. Golf Course superintendent, Gary Topp, said BARRICADE had been used on the course in the last two years, at a time when rainfall has been at record levels. 

Between January and late May of 2013 the course received 1400 mm of rainfall which was an ideal test for the herbicide. Mr Topp said BARRICADE had held up extremely well in spite of the weather.

"I've put it on in August and also in February.  The last application was early February, so we've gone through quite a few months of severe weather and to date we have no signs of any of the weeds we have been trying to control."

He said Crows Foot and Summer Grass were the main problem weeds and the pre-emergent application of BARRICADE had done an excellent job controlling these weeds.

"Weed pressure is fairly high, particularly in wet weather conditions, such as we've had.  We can get months of prolonged rain, it's obvious the weeds can go riot.  Up until now with the BARRICADE application we've put on, we have had quite a good result, so I would say probably the best result we've had with a pre-emergent."

He said the two applications per year of BARRICADE were well down on the number of sprays needed in previous years.

"It saves us a lot of time over the year because we only need two applications a year at the two litre (per ha) rate. We seem to get total control at that rate, twice a year, so there are only two applications instead of three or four with other products."

Mr Topp said the reduced number of applications meant they weren't spending as much time out on the golf course applying herbicide.

"The two applications makes it that much easier over the year, it's cost effective in that respect because of the two applications.  I think that's the main advantage for us, and the time factor. And it works extremely well.  From the quality of the fairway we don't have any problem with those weeds at this point, whereas in other years gone by I have had issues."

Mr Topp said the weather conditions have been a great test for the herbicide and it's held up extremely well.

"The fairways at some stage have just been a sea of water and at some point we haven't been able to cut them for two weeks.  There's no weed infestation whatsoever."

He said BARRICADE also has very little odour which was a real positive when spraying around golfers as anything they can smell they complain about.  

"It's quite low in odour.  It's a really good product.  It works extremely well under severe conditions and the limited number of applications per year makes it a great product to use."