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Medallion Fungicide Launched

Fungicide Fairways

MEDALLION Turf fungicide - the new contact fungicide that offers more than meets the eye

Syngenta have continued to evolve their product offer by introducing new contact chemistry into their fungicide portfolio. And this is not just another contact, it is contact chemistry that genuinely raises the bar. Contacts are the maintainers of the turf world. They are the constants through the seasons, moderating disease prevalence, acting like on an ongoing problem solver. Like any problem solver, the deeper you delve the better the outcome. Contact fungicides are no different. MEDALLION doesn't stop at the external surfaces of turf leaves, it has a far greater reach into the leaf. If you use it as a true preventative, more vulnerable tissues are treated for the same effort previously applied. For diseases where activity has commenced control is possible deeper into the disease progression. MEDALLION is an all-year, any time option, extremely versatile, broad spectrum and uses low application rates per hectare. As you would expect formulation quality is outstanding, buffered against variable water quality with incredibly fine milling for outstanding surface area coverage.