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Tank-mixing with POSTERITY Fungicide

Spray Nozzles on Rigg - closeup

Tank-mixing products can help create efficiencies for your spray applications. When done appropriately, tank-mixing can reduce labour and equipment cost, and save time and energy. However, chemicals have the potential to react with each other. There are many factors to consider which we recommend you read more about in our “Effective & efficient tank-mixing” article.

POSTERITY Fungicide delivers exceptional Dollar Spot control and is a great option to add to your tank mix to deal with this difficult-to-control disease. Due to its high-quality formulation, when under agitation there are no residues or build up in filters or tank, or when mixed a range of products.

POSTERITY is compatible with a wide range of commonly used fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and PRIMO MAXX, so you can supercharge your tank mix for powerful Dollar Spot control. Making it ideal to provide broader-spectrum control or to use for resistance management.

The advanced formulation has been put through a range of compatibility tests and passed with those products outlined below.

Standardized Test Volumes
Posterity: 1 L/ha
Water Volume: 280 L/ha
Maintain agitation

Tank Mix Partner Compatability (with agitation)

Posterity Pass
Signature Xtra + Posterity Pass
Posterity + Daconil Pass
Posterity + Banner Maxx Pass
Posterity + Subdue Maxx Pass
Velista + Posterity Pass
Posterity + Segway Pass
Posterity + Banol Pass
Posterity + Heritage Maxx Pass
Posterity + Headway Maxx Pass
Posterity + Primo Maxx Pass
Posterity + Acelepryn Turf Insecticide Pass
Provaunt + Posterity Pass
Meridian + Posterity Pass














Trials in Australia and USA have demonstrated that POSTERITY is the next step in Dollar Spot control delivering superior control when compared to other technologies. Designed to remain in the plant longer for consistent control even under high pressure. With fast uptake and optimal distribution within the plant, turf managers managing Dollar Spot have a product on hand that will deliver a step change in Dollar Spot control. POSTERITY has proven to deliver powerful effective control combined with endurance.

POSTERITY Fungicide offers:

  • Long lasting preventative and early curative control against difficult-to-control, Dollar Spot.
  • A formulation that is compatible with a wide range of commonly used products including PRIMO MAXX so you can supercharge your tank mix.
  • Balanced distribution within the plant and outstanding rainfastness – it binds quickly and strongly to the plant’s wax layer and then slowly penetrates into the plant tissue.
  • A step change in Dollar Spot control vs traditional controls such as DMI fungicides containing for example, Propiconazole and Tebuconazole.
  • Smarter chemistry that is exempt from poison scheduling.
  • A highly effective option at rates as low as 500 mL/ha to 1 L/ha.
  • Stable plant health due to no growth retardant effects.

For more information contact your local Syngenta Agent or sales representative.