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ACELEPRYN - the tool for grub control this season

Council parks hero

Council sports ovals and public open space lawns are as much an attractive target for lawn grubs as golf courses, bowling greens and sports stadiums. The grubs are not that fussy, they just want a meal to support their growth. However, given the council ovals and open space lawns do not usually get the same intensive care the higher profile venues often enjoy, the same amount of grub activity can sometimes result in comparatively more damage. Why? The ability to tolerate a pest population is usually lower due to lesser investment in things like irrigation and nutrition, both of which are used generously in bigger venues. This is not a criticism rather a statement of fact about limited resources being available in some areas and those resources being assigned to other activities that contribute to amenity.

So if we take a realistic approach and acknowledge we must choose carefully where we put limited dollars, we start looking for products or options that tick a number of important boxes. Let's take ACELEPRYN Turf Insecticide. In the above situation for lawn grubs this product stands out as a priority pick. Firstly, a good grub control program in a council sports oval or public open space lawn protects the grass root system which is the foundation of the whole surface. Protecting the roots means the grass can access every drop of water the area receives, be it rainfall or irrigation. With this resource becoming so precious we must make best use of every drop.  With strongly protected roots the grass has the greatest recovery potential, has the greatest surface stability (important for insurance reasons), will have the greatest aesthetics through maximum coverage, and if lucky enough to receive a light nutrition program can make use of every single bit of it.

Secondly, any use of chemicals in the public domain brings with it great responsibility for the safety of surface users. Traditionally, as a generalization, to get the safety we wanted we had to forgo product performance. This is no longer an issue. ACELEPRYN broke this link forever and set entirely new standards.  ACELEPRYN offers the highest protection, for the longest period, and can be applied with absolutely no concerns for the health and safety of applicators or the nearby public. This product is exempt from scheduling under the APVMA product registration system reflecting its outstanding human toxicological profile.

From the perspective of the amenity areas management teams, a further distinct advantage is available through the longevity of product performance. When you are managing many sites and coordinating machinery and staff in a very narrow application window it becomes extremely challenging. ACELEPRYN can be applied well before key grub activity periods without compromising the necessary coverage through the peaks. You can make application plans for times that better suit resource availability, steering out of the times when other activities have you frantically trying to keep up.

On the environmental front, the inherent behaviour of the product is to stay exactly where it is applied. It doesn't move into adjacent areas, doesn't move into flowers, doesn't impact native wild life and won't harm pets using the surfaces.  We have never before seen a product that delivers performance and safety in a package like this.

For flexibility, safety, user consideration and environmental responsibility, ACELEPRYN Turf Insecticide is an exceptional investment this season.