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BARRICADE use on Kikuyu golf fairways & sports fields

Close up of Kikuyu
Kikuyu in lawn

Controlling grass weeds in Kikuyu is challenging with many post-emergent herbicides causing some level of damage to desired turf species. BARRICADE is the tried and tested pre-emergent herbicide in Australia assisting both golf course superintendents and sports field turf managers in keeping their Kikuyu free from annual weeds. BARRICADE has been successfully applied to Kikuyu fairways and sports fields since its registration in 2011.

“I have been using Barricade on my Kikuyu fairways for nine years and have had no damage or resistance issues. I would highly recommend it to all turf managers especially those managing Kikuyu.”   
Richard Kirkby, Superintendent, Pennant Hills Golf Club


BARRICADE will stay where it is applied in the top 5 to 15 mm of the soil surface and will not move. Established Kikuyu has an extensive and deep root system so will maintain excellent growth even after an application of BARRICADE. BARRICADE has the ability to bind to the soil locking onto the profile and is relatively insoluble so it will not dissolve back into solution and leach. Both aspects create the pre-emergent barrier that provides excellent season long weed control.

BARRICADE has an excellent profile for use on established Kikuyu golf course fairways and sports fields.

  • No phytotoxicity
  • Exempt from poison scheduling
  • Excellent longevity – delivers season long control in 1 application.
  • Does not move in the soil, very high soil binding factor - 13,000 Koc (mL/g)
  • Is relatively insoluble (won’t go back into solution and move down the profile)

Registered for use in garden beds

BARRICADE is also registered for the control of annual weeds in garden beds applied under mulch.  For established nursery pots and perennial plants, BARRICADE can be sprayed over the plant and lightly watered in to create a strong barrier of control. This greatly reduces the need to use glyphosate and the amount of time managing garden beds.

  • No phytotoxicity
  • Exempt from poison scheduling
  • Reduces the amount of glyphosate used for post control of weeds
  • Reduces time required for hand weeding
  • Reliable season long weed control
  • Eliminates stray ryegrass plants in gardens if oversowing nearby turf


BARRICADE is now on promotion so please talk to your Syngenta Agent for the Autumn pricing, or contact your local Syngenta Territory Manager.