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Prevent costly and unsightly damage from grubs

Bird damage from eating grubs

ACELEPRYN is the leading option for controlling devastating turfgrass pests such as Billbug, African Black beetle and Argentinian Scarab in Australia and NZ. These pests are detrimental to warm season grasses over the summer months and one application of ACELEPRYN applied from early to late Spring is all you need to protect your turfgrass during this time. The grubs feed on the roots in the soil and at the very least reduce the health of the root zone and at worst the whole surface could be lost.  When these grubs are in high numbers birdlife will often feed on the grubs which further damages the turfgrass surfaces. This damage can be very difficult to recover from.

Effective season long control will ensure your turf surfaces remain in good condition and the exceptional longevity of ACELEPRYN will do that. Along with the added benefit of ACELEPRYN being exempt from poison scheduling means it has become the leading insecticide for professional turf managers from golf to sports fields and turf farms.

As ACELEPRYN delivers season long control in one application there is less chance that the pest can get established. If later life cycles of these pests do get established, the control options available are limited – generally organophosphate pesticides that require more than one application to treat the infestation. While there are other grub control options available like imidacloprid and thiamathoxam, they do not last the season and a second application is often required.

ACELEPRYN can be tank mixed with BARRICADE to provide season long weed control in addition to the grub control.