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Protect your seeds with MAXX power & double points!

Double Turf Rewards points with Subdue Maxx
Double Turf Rewards points with Subdue Maxx

Every purchase of SUBDUE MAXX made during March 2021 will receive double points on the Syngenta Turf Rewards program

All you need to do is make a purchase of SUBDUE MAXX Turf Fungicide between 1st March 2021 and 31st March 2021. Then claim the points through the Turf Rewards portal before 15th May 2021 and include the code SUBDUE2021 in order to recieve your points. No need to remember the code, it will be on display in the "Offers" tab within the Turf Rewards portal. 

SUBDUE MAXX Normal Points Value March Point Value
1 L 50 100

This offer, as well as the Turf Rewards program, are open to all professional turf and landscape managers in Australia and New Zealand, who are purchasing their products from a registered agent/dealer of Syngenta.

The Turf Rewards program enables you earn great industry benefits for your purchases of Syngenta products within the promotional period. You can learn all about the program by clicking here. If you have trouble registering or have any additional questions, check out our how-to guide here. 


The pythium control master with MAXX power

SUBDUE MAXX offers you: 

  • A highly effective, economical solution for pythium in all turf species
  • Protection of germinating seedlings during overseeding with high turf safety: learn more about giving your ryegrass oversow a great start this winter
  • The combination of fast absorption and even systemic movement as well as contact action in soil, resulting in full plant protection
  • MAXX technology allows for excellent tank mix compatibility with other fungicides and foliar fertilisers
  • Low odour, non-staining formulation

SUBDUE MAXX is an excellent choice to use preventatively or early curatively during high infection risk periods. The fast absorption and systemic movement combines to ensure true “stopping power” for early curative Pythium Leaf Blight situations. For Pythium Root Rot a preventative plan is the only safe approach. SUBDUE MAXX is rapid and responsive treating problems before they are actually seen. Making a good start to the season should see turf through summer without a problem. Remember though that Pythium control depends heavily upon regular population control throughout the summer. Consecutive days of rain and high temperatures (25-40°C) will quickly advance Pythium populations.

To learn more about Pythium control or SUBDUE MAXX, contact your local Syngenta Representative