Save time and money by protecting your turf early

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When it comes to protecting your turf from weeds and pests in a way that makes the most of your resources, timing really matters.

We all know how difficult weeds like Parramatta Grass, Crowsfoot and Poa annua and pests like scarab larvae, such as African Black Beetles and Billbug larvae, are to control once they start competing against our turf; causing damage and reducing turf resilience and quality. A preventative approach is needed – one that prevents weeds and pests with a preventative application before they have a chance to establish and do damage.

Industry proven and leading options BARRICADE Herbicide and ACELEPRYN Turf Insecticide both provide season long control, with up to 6 months’ residual management of weeds and pests with a single application. Even better, when applied early in the season as part of a proactive agronomic strategy, BARRICADE and ACELEPRYN not only protect your turf, but do so in the most economical way possible.

Crows Foot Grassy Weed in Turf

Here are 5 ways you can save time, money and resources by using BARRICADE and ACELEPRYN this spring:


1. Reduce the number of applications per season

The maths is simple. BARRICADE remains highly effective for 6 months after one application, compared to post-emergent sprays which can require multiple applications to combat weeds or other preventative treatments that need reapplication midway through the season. ACELEPRYN also delivers season-long protection against pests with one application in early spring. The alternative – waiting until pests cause damage before treating – narrows your options down to pesticides that may require several applications to gain control or re-application later in the season.. By taking a proactive approach with ACELEPRYN and BARRICADE, you can cut down on applications and save money in the long-run. 

2. Mix ACELEPRYN and BARRICADE in the tank for efficiency

Early spring is an ideal time for both pre-emergent herbicide application and preventative grub control. This means you can save time and labour by tank mixing BARRICADE with ACELEPRYN to deliver season-long control of weeds and pests, including Crab Grass, Crowsfoot Grass, Summer Grass, Poa annua, and Scarab larvae such as African Black Beetle larvae and Billbug larvae.

3. Hazard reduction, low environmental impact and reduced operator risk

BARRICADE and ACELEPRYN are both exempt from poison scheduling, and both have a low environmental impact to your course. Their mode of action is targeted to specific insect biology, which mammals do not have, leading to an excellent safety profile. This all leads to reduced operator PPE requirements for the applicator and a favourable re-entry period. 

Beetle grub destroying grass roots

4. Save on water usage by keeping roots healthy

Turf that produces a deep and healthy root system will require less frequent irrigation,  recovers faster and will tolerate heat stress. Stop pests like Scarabs such as African Black Beetles and Argentinian Scarab larvae from decimating grass roots through preventative grub control with ACELEPRYN to ensure excellent turf stress strength and recovery. Prevention of weeds with the use of BARRICADE will also ensure there is no competition for resources, for example limited water resources being used by weeds below the surface. 

5. Put time in the bank for later

Reducing the number of applications needed to keep fairways in great shape doesn’t just save money; it also gives you the valuable resource of time. By using products that offer season-long protection in one hit, you can put extra time in the bank to work on those time-consuming spring renovations and course preparations instead.

6. Stop hard-to-reach areas falling off the radar

Turf that is hard to access can be problematic when it comes to spraying. An economic way to solve this problem is by using ACELEPRYN’s new granule format. ACELEPRYN GR is a no-spray solution that combines longevity of performance with flexible usage. It can be easily applied in tight areas, on difficult-to-access turf, around trees or amongst other obstacles on golf courses, making it a great option to eradicate pests in the most efficient way possible.

By implementing season-long solutions for preventative control this season, you will not just have better looking turf that is more efficient resilience and recovery, you will also have more time to do the other jobs that are your priority.

For more information on how BARRICADE, ACELEPRYN and ACELEPYRN GR can protect your turf, please call 1800 022 035 or speak to your local Syngenta agent.

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