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Pre-emergent weed control in recovering turfgrass

To maintain turf at a high standard, having a range of effective pre-emergent tools in your herbicide toolbox is essential. This is especially the case when turf grass recovery is your main priority.

Pre-emergent Group D herbicides like BARRICADE are safe to use on turf with a deep root system, but can have an impact on developing roots. They therefore shouldn’t be applied when turf needs to be established in a certain area, if sports field recovery is needed after the winter season, or if slow growth out of dormancy has been a problem in the past.

This creates a dilemma for turf managers who need a pre-emergent herbicide that deals with grass weeds in the spring period without harming turf in recovery.

A solution on offer is PENNMAG: a Group K herbicide that controls various broadleaf weeds and grasses without interfering with the turf grass root system, making it ideal for recovering surfaces.

PENNMAG has the advanced S-metolachlor formulation which results in 35% more herbicidal activity than basic metolachlor. As a pre-emergent herbicide, it can be applied in August, before the soil’s temperature reaches 15°C – a guide temperature for summer weed germination. PENNMAG will combat the germination of African Love Grass, Annual Ryegrass, Barnyard Grass, Burr Medic, Carrot Weed, Crowsfoot Grass, Liverseed Grass, Pigeon Grass, Summer Grass and Winter Grass.

The ideal way to use PENNMAG, though, is as a rotational partner with BARRICADE Herbicide.

Although PENNMAG is safe to use on recovering grass, it only offers up to eight weeks of residual control, making it an economical short term cover for emerging grass. For full season control, it is best to follow an application of PENNMAG with BARRICADE six weeks later, once the plant has established its initial root system. BARRICADE has a proven track record as a long lasting herbicide, so it can ensure season long coverage from summer weed germination once your turf sward has a solid root system. Using both can also assist with managing weed resistance. Given the herbicides are from different chemistry groups, rotating your usage away from exclusively Group D products by adding PENNMAG as a rotational partner can help prevent grass and weeds from growing resistant to herbicide cover.

Together, BARRICADE and PENNMAG form a powerful partnership: an efficient and programmed approach to weeds that covers seven months of the year and provides peace of mind.

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