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Bindii and White Clover

White Clover Australia

Get on top of bindii and white clover this autumn

The colder months are fast upon us, which means it’s time for chilly mornings, football games and tackling those troublesome weeds in your turf from sports fields to fairways.

Broadleaf weeds are more active over winter, so it’s worth getting on top of troublesome species like Bindii, White Clover and Khaki weed now: before they cause problems by competing against your turf for resources, reducing durability of your surface and reducing the presentation that has been work for all summer long. Get on top of your weed control now by incorporating a highly effective post-emergent solution like CASPER Herbicide into your management plan.

CASPER takes the hassle out of controlling weed infestations; a unique and cost effective control option in one application. CASPER delivers...

1. Highly effective broadleaf weed control

Developed specifically for turf, CASPER uniquely combines the power of Prosulfurn and Dicamba, which delivers knockdown and kill of even hard-to-control broadleaf weeds. When partnered together, Dicamba causes rapid cell growth, placing pressure key components of growth such as the supply of amino acids, then Prosulfuron cuts the supply of the amino acids, effectively starving the plant from the growth points out, effectively kill.

They are perfect partners, working together for broadleaf weed management, saving you time and money; follow-up applications are only needed if significant seed germination occurs down the track.

2. Effective resistance management

One risk turf managers face is the potential for weed species to develop resistance to commonly used herbicides over time. Using CASPER helps manage this risk as Prosulfuron belongs to Group B: a different group of herbicides compared to the commonly used Groups I, Group F and Group C.

3. Reduction of operator risks

CASPER’s WG (Water Dispersible Granule) makes it easy for operators to mix it correctly. The application is easily mixed with the commonly applied rate of 1kg/ha. The 1kg ready-to-use bottle helps prevent OH&S issues that come with lifting heavy containers and ensures easy mixing whilst also reducing the volume of product needed for storage.

4. Protects surrounding grass and delivers peace of mind

CASPER has excellent turf safety and can be used on an extensive range of turf surfaces and turf types. You can have confidence your treatment will not have a detrimental impact on your turf grass.

5. Flexibility as a full weed control solution

CASPER can be used in combination with a pre-emergent product like BARRICADE Herbicide, and a post-emergent solution such as MONUMENT LIQUID Herbicide to form a complete weed solution for your parks, sports fields and green spaces.

For more information on how CASPER can help with your turf needs, call 1800 022 035 or get in touch with your closest Syngenta agent.

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