Winter Grass Management - Pre and Post Emergent Treatment


BARRICADE® Herbicide is the leading pre-emergent product available today for control of a wide range of weeds including Winter Grass. The non-staining, unscheduled formulation continues to perform year on year even in the toughest of situations.

Poa annua control:
Untreated vs Treated with BARRICADE® @ 3 L/ha

But when weather events are out of your control and Winter Grass has started to emerge, then tank mix MONUMENT® Liquid Herbicide with BARRICADE® for use on couch. MONUMENT® Liquid is the industry standard for a range of weeds due to its uptake in all parts of the plant.

Studies have shown the effectiveness of tank mix combinations of BARRICADE® and MONUMENT® Liquid for control of Poa annua and other weeds. One of the key aspects in the success of these tank mixes is the flexibility that they provide as you can wash-in BARRICADE® several days after application.

For more information on the benefits of tank mixing BARRICADE® and MONUMENT® Liquid Herbicide, contact your local Syngenta Turf & Landscape Manager, or visit Refer to the product label for full application details.

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TN 22-153