High humidity conditions require the best available turf disease controls


Article written by Dr. Brett Morris – Technical Services Manager, Turf & Landscape ANZ

Recent weather activity across Australia brings unique challenges when managing fine turf surfaces, particularly when Leaf Spot is present.  Take control of Leaf Spot with unique solutions from Syngenta.


MEDALLION® Turf Fungicide is the recommended first choice option for Leaf Spot management in turf, from Syngenta.  Its unique formulation means that lower rates can be used whilst still providing outstanding control of various pathogens, when compared to competitor formulations.

The active Ingredient in MEDALLION® Turf Fungicide is fludioxonil, a Group 12 mode of action which works by disrupting the sensory systems of the pathogen.  In doing so, the osmotic pressure inside the cells increases, causing the cells to burst. The high quality SC formulation allows for ease of flexibility with tank mixes, whilst optimizing surface coverage and distribution.

MEDALLION® Turf Fungicide is an ideal option for rotation with other Leaf Spot active fungicides such as VELISTA®, DACONIL WEATHER STIK® and HERITAGE MAXX®.

Key features of MEDALLION® Turf Fungicide:

  • Local penetrant with translaminar activity, providing full leaf protection

  • Residual control at lower use rates

  • Extended activity through the thatch and surface vegetation

  • High quality SC formulation optimizing surface coverage and distribution

  • Rainfast once applied

  • Activity on a range of other turf pathogens

  • Low schedule – Caution S5.


INSTRATA® Turf Fungicide is a true all-round fungicide with acropetal, translaminar and contact activity formulated for management of a range of crown and leaf pathogens.  INSTRATA® Turf Fungicide is recommended as the second-choice option for Leaf Spot management, from Syngenta.

INSTRATA® Turf Fungicide is a unique three-way mix of propiconazole (acropetal), fludioxonil (translaminar) and chlorothalonil (contact) providing protection from the inside and out.  Propiconazole is a proven DMI fungicide with activity across a range of pathogens and following entry into the xylem moves through the shoots into the leaf.  Fludioxonil moves via translaminar means through the leaf, whilst chlorothalonil works as a knockdown contact. 

The unique three-way active formulation is an excellent resistant management tool for all turf.

Key features of INSTRATA® Turf Fungicide:

  • A blend of upwardly mobile, translaminar, and contact fungicides

  • Disease control within the turf plant from inside and out

  • Excellent resistant management tool

  • Activity on early and late-stage pathogen development

  • Residual activity up to 28 days post application

  • Wide range of pathogens controlled

  • Incorporating Weather Stik Technology.

For more information on MEDALLION® and INSTRATA® contact your local Syngenta Turf & Landscape Manager and watch the video below:

Beat the High Disease Pressure in Turf with MEDALLION® and INSTRATA®

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