Making good turf great. Upgrade today to PRIMO MAXX II

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Enhancing the playing experience is crucial to attracting and retaining players for all sportsturf managers from fine turf systems such as golf courses, through to community sporting fields. It is also important for the long-term maintenance of turf surfaces throughout difficult summer months of extra wear-and-tear combined with harsh conditions. PRIMO MAXX® II Turf Growth Regulator enhances turf health and playing surface consistency, delivering improved playability by increasing turf density.

You are probably already familiar with Syngenta’s original PRIMO MAXX® – a tried and true growth regulator for turf management. The completely new formulation of PRIMO MAXX® II is designed to meet the ever-increasing regulatory hurdles and secure the long-term future of this key management tool for turf managers. This new formulation enables PRIMO MAXX® II to deliver identical performance with a slightly lower active content. Users should continue to apply the rates they have always used and can be confident of achieving the same great results while applying less active ingredient.

How Does It Work?

Biochemically, PRIMO MAXX® II works by temporarily blocking the production of gibberellic acid within the plant leaf, which effectively limits cell elongation and vertical growth. The result is to shorten the distance between the shoot nodes, leading to more compact growth and stronger turf.

Whilst the vertical growth is slowed, energy in the plant is diverted to boost both root and lateral growth – creating stronger, healthier and denser turf which plays more consistently and, importantly to reduce costs and management, requires up to 35% less mowing.

Enhance Turf Plant Health

PRIMO MAXX® II promotes healthy plants that are better able to resist the effects of stress and disease, to produce season-long better playing conditions:

  • Improved drought resistance
  • Quicker recovery from stress
  • Improved wear tolerance
  • Less stress = healthier turf

Applying a PRIMO MAXX® II programme ahead of periods of stress (pre-stress conditioning) makes plants better able to cope with adverse conditions – including drought, water-logging, heavy wear and disease pressure. Not only will turf stay looking good for longer, but also recover faster after stress conditions have eased. PRIMO MAXX® II is best applied via a programmed approach and planning PRIMO MAXX® II programs is made even easier via our Growing Degree Days calculator.

Enhanced Shade Tolerance

The effect of shade creates weakened turf plants that are more susceptible to stress, including wear and disease. PRIMO MAXX® II can help plants compensate for a 75% reduction in light levels, which could transform turf performance in shaded areas. Research has shown that PRIMO MAXX® II applications increase the level of photosynthetic availability. As internodes shorten the amount of shoots within a given area increases, thereby assisting the plant capture available light. The more light captured means more carbohydrate production and associated flow on energy to the plant.   

Improved Turf Quality and Wear Tolerance

When shoot density is increased, then the plant has an improved wear tolerance.  This combination of density, along with improved root structure and a reduction in water usage all combine to improve quality and wear tolerance.  As there is less stress on the plant, PRIMO MAXX® II is an integral part of any turf management programme.

In summary, PRIMO MAXX® II delivers consistently superior, quality playing surfaces.  Reduced mowing saves time and money, allowing more available labour hours for other maintenance activities along with reduced machinery maintenance and fuel costs. Plus, it provides greater rooting, improving drought tolerance and shade tolerance. PRIMO MAXX® II makes good turf great.

Contact your local Syngenta Sales Representative for more information on the new PRIMO MAXX® II or head over to the product page here.