CASPER Herbicide for post-emergence control

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What sets CASPER apart from other herbicides are the dual active ingredients: dicamba and prosulfuron, the only registered product for turf in Australia with this combination. This combination of the active ingredients will provide a complete and thorough kill of broadleaf weeds with. The fast-acting dicamba in CASPER Turf Herbicide easily observed within a couple of days post-application on targeted weeds.

CASPER is a WDG, or water dispersable granule formulation, and has flexible rates between 600 g/ha and 1.2 kg/ha, depending on the weed being targeted. Please refer to the product label for more information. It provides comprehensive control of 17 common broadleaf weeds, including difficult to control weeds such as khaki weed, fleabane and wireweed. This product is registered for both amenity and sports turf grasses, as well as both cool and warm season types - the exception being buffalo grasses. 

Water rates for CASPER are between 400 L/ha to 800 L/ha. The higher the cut of turf, the higher the water volume should be to get good coverage on the targeted weed. If you have a lower height of cut and therefore a lower water rate, it is better to use a nozzle such as XC 04; with higher cuts and higher water rates it is recommended to use a nozzle such as XC 08. It is important when mixing CASPER to ensure application of a non-ionic surfactant such as AGRAL at a volume percentage of between 0.25% and 0.5%.

CASPER is supplied with a convenient measuring container which makes the process of measuring easier. The WDG formulation also makes it easy to transport and measure for large area spraying compared to transporting heavy drums of liquid formulations.

CASPER Turf Herbicide is a perfect option for your post-emergent control of broadleaf concerns in turf.

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CASPER Herbicide for post-emergence control explained by Dr. Brett Morris